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1. Starting v.0.30.1, the minimum requirement for php is php 4 or above and minimum requirement for Mysql is 4.1 or above.

2. Do not use IE6 to access CK-ERP

3. CK-ERP provides html to pdf facility by incorporating the tcpdf library into its codebase. The library works well with English language display. However, for non-English, especially non-alphabetic, languages, proper pdf output depends on the availability of an adequate font. At least with Chinese pdf output, there are a lot of '?' characters being displayed, because the embedded Chinese font is just not large enough. Hence, please consider CK-ERP's pdf output facility to be still non-operational for non-English languages.

4. Because mbstring() functions are not being used in the current CK-ERP codebase, some logical errors will occur when processing non-ascii, especially non-English double-byte-character, string data. Previously, it was indicated that php 6 will employ UTF-16 when handling unicode data (which would most likely involve some changes to the mbstring() function design), so the decision was to delay the rectification of this problem to sometimes, post-php6. Now that UTF-16 had been abandoned and php 5.4 was released instead, the whole thing would have to be re-visited and solution devised. At the same time, before the release of v.0.31.1, the effect of the missing mbstring() function have been examined. It mostly boils down to wrong string character count, for example, if you have a Chinese character string of XXXXXX, it may generate an error message, saying something like, maximum string length of 10 exceeded. While the character count of the string should be 6, the byte count is 12. The byte count is what the error message is based on. If you are working with non-English double-byte language data, the temporary workaround is to keep the string character length to less than half of the maximum.

5. Mysqli and Sqlite3 support had been added to v.0.31.1 . However, not all middlewares have added mysqli and sqlite3 support themselves, as yet. Hence, not all (middleware + CK-ERP) connectors have activated the (mysqli,sqlite3) support feature. If you come across a case where the support should have been activated, but not yet done so, please send a message to ck-erp-en(aT) or ck-erp-zh_CN(aT) A patch will be devised to solve the problem.