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Please support the sustainable development of CK-ERP / 请支持时机商计的可持续发展 / Apoye por favor el desarrollo sostenible de CK-ERP
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TUTORIAL on typical CK-ERP Work Flow
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Demo Sites

You are most welcome to list the following demo-sites (URL) as independent demos of your respective Open Source Software
or as a demonstration of how Open Source Software is used in your target industry/profession

For various built-in username/password combinations, please refer to the [Demo Users] page
Edu participants - Teacher, Counsellor, Student, Student's Relative, Registrar, Edu Admin, Edu applicant, ...
++ -- plus enhancement up to the date listed below
* -- Due to difficulty in setting up ssl cert, https access for clearhealth is suppressed
Demonstrated color theme is not included in the standard CK-ERP distribution

Underlying MiddleWare ======= CK-ERP ======= Color Theme Tax Environ Typical User
(click name to enter demo) Version ++ Template
Server Location - Hong Kong : [Apache 2.2.15, php 5.2.13, mysql 5.0.67]
Drupal 0.30.1+ 2011-07-12 so1t skyblue N/A Business with Web Presence, Edu participants
Moodle (pending upgrade; needs php 5.3.2) 0.30.1+ simp burlywood N/A Edu participants