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Please support the sustainable development of CK-ERP / 请支持时机商计的可持续发展 / Apoye por favor el desarrollo sostenible de CK-ERP
捐助 EUR8.00
捐助 US$10.00
TUTORIAL on typical CK-ERP Work Flow
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Language % Complete Primary Translator Secondary Translator Tertiary Translator
Chinese (Simplified) 100% CK Wu
Chinese (Traditional) 100% CK Wu
English 100% (Original GUI Language)
Spanish 100% Guillermo Patterer from Fiberair CK Wu
French 100% **
German 100% **
Portuguese 100% **
Japanese 100% **
Hindi 100% **
Indonesian 100% **

** - Translation of these languages is mainly provided by online free machine translator.
The quality of these translations is normally below equivalent human translation.