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CK-ERP is an open source accounting / educational / MRP / ERP / CRM system that runs on top of multiple middlewares. It provides multi-currency, multi-ledger, multi-warehouse accounting and back office functionalities to SMEs. It provides fine-grained access control security and supports multilingual operation.

It comprises 32 modules - Contact Management, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Self Service, Vendor Relationship Management, Material Requirement Planning, Warehouse, Inventory, Service, Accounting Ledger, Bank Reconciliation, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Quotation, POS for Cashier, POS for Manager, Human Resources, Staff Self Service, Payroll, Administration, Internationalization, Access Control, Data Import, Teacher, Counsellor, Student, Applicant, Family, Registrar, Edu Administration and Volunteer Management.

Demo Sites

You are most welcome to list the following demo-sites (URL) as independent demos of your respective Open Source Software
or as a demonstration of how Open Source Software is used in your target industry/profession

For various built-in username/password combinations, please refer to the [Demo Users] page
Edu participants - Teacher, Counsellor, Student, Student's Relative, Registrar, Edu Admin, Edu applicant, ...
++ -- plus enhancement up to the date listed below
* -- Due to difficulty in setting up ssl cert, https access for clearhealth is suppressed
Demonstrated color theme is not included in the standard CK-ERP distribution

Underlying MiddleWare ======= CK-ERP ======= Color Theme Tax Environ Typical User
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Server Location - Hong Kong : [Apache 2.2.15, php 5.2.13, mysql 5.0.67]
Drupal 0.30.1+ 2011-07-12 so1t skyblue N/A Business with Web Presence, Edu participants
Moodle (pending upgrade; needs php 5.3.2) 0.30.1+ simp burlywood N/A Edu participants
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