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Please support the sustainable development of CK-ERP / 请支持时机商计的可持续发展 / Apoye por favor el desarrollo sostenible de CK-ERP
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TUTORIAL on typical CK-ERP Work Flow

Translation Workflow :

1. ck-i18n -> Language Codes -> Add new ones if necessary

2. ck-i18n -> Translation-in-progress (TIP) -> Search for new common phrases
3. ck-i18n -> TIP -> (pick module and language) Start Search -> Search for new untranslated phrases within current target module
4. ck-i18n -> TIP -> (pick module and language) Start Search -> (pick appropriate row) Edit -> Key in translation -> Update TIP
5. ck-i18n -> TIP -> Convert TIPs into Translated Phrases

6. ck-i18n -> Translated Phrases -> Delete Obsolete Phrases
7. ck-i18n -> Write Translated Phrases to Language Files

8. Send Language Files to CK-ERP project team leader (Email: ckwu [aT]


The Traditional Approach :
[Using es-es(Spanish) and ck-service(Service Module) as a sample case]

1. Copy ..../ck-service/setup/ck-service_en-hk.lang and rename as ..../ck-service/setup/ck-service_es-es.lang
2. Edit ..../ck-service/setup/ck-service_es-es.lang as follows,
2a. (Within each line, there are four sections separated by the tab mark)
2b. Keep the first section of each line (say: string abc) unchanged
2c. Replace the last section of the line with the Spanish translation of the first section (say: string xyz)
2d. Replace all [en-hk] with [es-es]
2e. The finished line should read:
>>>>>>>> string abc [tab] ck-service [tab] es-es [tab] string xyz

3. Send the completed [..../ck-service/setup/ck-service_es-es.lang] file to CK-ERP project team leader (Email: ckwu [aT]