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Please support the sustainable development of CK-ERP / 请支持时机商计的可持续发展 / Apoye por favor el desarrollo sostenible de CK-ERP
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TUTORIAL on typical CK-ERP Work Flow
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Demo Users

Only one (below) set of built-in users exists per each individual demo installation/site.

Built-in users of the education cluster
User Name Password Detail
doleteach Password.1 High School Science Teacher2 - teaching G12 Science (with attendance data)
smithteach Password.1 High School Science Teacher1
cchanteach Password.1 College Teacher1 - teaching ECON1001 (with gradebook data)
cwongteach Password.1 College Teacher2
chanteach Password.1 High School Chinese Teacher1
wongteach Password.1 High School Chinese Teacher2
applicant1 Password.1 Canadian resident applying for US Community College
applicant2 Password.1 Beijing resident applying for Hongkong High School
demouser Password.1 First time applicant that have yet to start the application process
counsellor1 Password.1 College Counsellor with access to student counselling case data
counsellor2 Password.1 High School Counsellor
registrar1 Password.1 College Registrar Staff with access to demo college registry data
registrar2 Password.1 High School Registrar Staff
student1 Password.1 College Student - enrol to ECON1001, ECON1002 with demo grades setup
student2 Password.1 High School Student - enrol to G12 Science Program with demo attendance data
father Password.1 College Student Father - with demo personal info
mother Password.1 College Student Mother - with demo personal info
guardian Password.1 High School Student Guardian
Built-in users of other clusters
User Name Password Detail
purcmngr purcmngr Purchasing Manager
acctmngr acctmngr Accounting Manager
salesuper salesuper Sales Supervisor
posclerk posclerk POS Clerk / Cashier / Shroff
hrexecutive hrexecutive HR Executive
csvsuper csvsuper Customer Service Supervisor
demouser demouser Demo User (with comprehensive access rights)