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Demo Users

Please support the sustainable development of CK-ERP / 请支持时机商计的可持续发展 / Apoye por favor el desarrollo sostenible de CK-ERP
捐助 US$10.00
捐助 EUR7.00
捐助 AUD$10.00
捐助 CAD$10.00
TUTORIAL on typical CK-ERP Work Flow
Built-in users:
User Name Password Detail
purcmngr purcmngr Purchasing Manager
acctmngr acctmngr Accounting Manager
salesuper salesuper Sales Supervisor
posclerk posclerk POS Clerk / Cashier / Shroff
hrexecutive hrexecutive HR Executive
csvsuper csvsuper Customer Service Supervisor
demouser demouser Demo User (with comprehensive access rights)